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Traversing from different genres, people are playing more mobile games than ever before. And it’s foreseen to continue that way. More people are playing, watching and streaming than ever before, bringing in new gamers as well as re-engaging lapsed players. We here from The Indic Arena offer the mobile gamers a broad range of multi genres of gaming experience in one single game.

We saw a remarkable surge in consumer demand and disruption to previous consumption habits as people looked for new forms of entertainment and ways to stay connected with others, we bought you a more intriguing mean to connect with us and the whole esport universe.
Like an independent studio like us, we might face more apprehension in the coming days, now more than ever, we look forward to any gaming industry partnership as we build the world's finest gaming community.

What we create?

Here in the Indic Arena, creating games is the second priority, the first preference is to create a community where likewise gamers can connect and explore the increasing stature of eSports.
Our developers have vowed to provide the best graphics that soothes the eye and creates an escape from the pandemic. Every single worker in the Indic Arena delivers their imagination to the production of the games so that as a gamer, you can look into as well as be part of the new evolving horizons of mobile games in a single game.
We provide the best gaming experience which along with the survival skills takes an intense glare at your preference and priorities towards how to continue with the game. We are here to give you an actual game and not any business prototypes.

Why choose us?

We are a bunch of gamers who are tired of playing the same old type of games. We the Indic Arena have a vision that when you ask gamers about the best Indian Gaming Studio, you must hear our name. We know what a gamer wants. We know what we can provide as a studio. We fulfil your urge of wanting to try something new every day with our uniquely blended genres of games. We provide you with a sense of patriotism while bringing in the feel of heroic individualism. From being a solo player to the squad team enjoyer, we have something in the box for everyone. We, unlike any other studio, are not hooked up to leech funds from the consumers. We are here to provide a gaming experience and that's what we do. We know that we are not the best Gaming studio out there, but we will not rest until we become one and maybe not ever after that. We guarantee you a lifetime of acquaintance and acceptance as a member of our vastly growing community.
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